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Ventus Global Logisitcs Has Updated Its Services

VENTUS GLOBAL LOGISTICS continues to grow to offer you more expansion options to your company, we now have coverage in Tuxpan, Mexico and in Aguascalientes, Mexico through our customs office in Zacatecas, Mexico.


The dynamism demanded by today’s world requires companies to change their current vision, a cosmopolitan vision, applied to economic activity and business strategies. That is why foreign trade is the only option for those companies that wish to remain a force in today’s market. Ventus Global Logistics has a strategy of being a comprehensive service provider to trade.

Among these services we offer

  • Mexican Customs Agent coverage at 30 customs in the country
  • American Customs Agent
  • Center for consolidation, distribution and storage of mcías in Mexico and USA
  • Maquila, packaging, repackaging and labeling process of goods
  • Forwarding
  • National and International Maritime, Air and Land Transport
  • Legal Consulting, Customs Training, and Management
  • Refrigerated wineries in Mexico and USA
  • Bonded Carrier Winery
  • Maquila, labeling and relabeling of products among others
  • Logistics designs

If you require any of the above services, contact us at info@ventuslogistics.com or call us at (956) 790-1530.