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“Nearshoring” is enabling North American companies to become less dependent on Asia

Nearshore in North America

Nearshoring to North America enables companies to become less dependent on supply chains in Asia.  According to Bloomberg citing a report from Deloitte, US firms expect to re-shore almost 350,000 jobs. That is an increase of 25% from 260,000 in 2021.  According to the report, manufacturing and transportation executives except freight from Asia to move onshore or nearshore.  The move back to North America will alleviate supply chain challenges and improve competitive positioning.  

Transportation executives whose companies have started preparing for nearshoring predict 20% of Asia-originating freight will shift to North America by 2025. That number is expected to double to 40% by 2030.  Manufacturing executives have similar predictions, 62% of them have already started nearshoring production back to North America.  Three industries with the largest anticipated supply changes are consumer electronics, apparel, and agriculture.

The survey included 305 executives at transportation and manufacturing firms. Most of the firms are in the US, with annual revenue of $500 million to more than $50 billion.

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